Success in any area of life hinges on our ability to effectively balance two essential modes: planning and focusing. Mastering these modes allows us to navigate our tasks more efficiently, reducing cognitive load and enhancing productivity. Let’s delve into the importance of these two modes and how they can revolutionize your productivity.


Figure 1. Plan in myca

Plan: The Mind Dump Mode

Planning involves writing down everything on your mind, a process often referred to as a “mind dump”. This practice helps us declutter our mental workspace, reducing the cognitive load that comes with trying to remember everything we need to do.

By transferring our thoughts and tasks onto paper or a digital platform, it allows us to visualize our tasks and priorities, identify patterns, and organize our thoughts more effectively. The act of planning also instills a sense of control and reduces anxiety associated with uncertainty.




Figure 2. Focus in myca

Focus: The Execution Mode

Once planning is complete, it’s time to shift gears into the focus mode. This is where execution happens, where we start knocking down our to-dos one by one.

In the focus mode, we concentrate on one task at a time, shielding ourselves from the distracting allure of multitasking. Multitasking might seem like a productive approach, but research shows it hampers productivity and diminishes the quality of our work.

Focusing on one task enables us to dive deep, immerse ourselves in the details, and generate higher-quality outcomes. It enhances our efficiency, reduces mistakes, and allows us to derive satisfaction from completing tasks to the best of our abilities.

Balancing Plan and Focus

Balancing the plan and focus modes is crucial for optimal productivity. Planning without focusing may leave you with no real progress, while focusing without planning could lead to exerting effort in the wrong areas.

It’s essential to designate specific times for planning – perhaps at the start of your day or week. Once your plan is laid out, shift into focus mode. Tackle each task individually, giving it your undivided attention.