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You are busy. But are you truly productive?

The old way

Endless task treadmill: all fatigue, no progress

  • Ever-growing todo list
  • No goals
  • Cannot track progress
  • Do not know how you spent your time
  • No reflection
  • Cannot form good habits
  • Overwhelmed
  • No sense of accomplishment
  • Low motivation
The myca way

myca supercharges your productivity and growth through envision , perform and improve .

  • Short focus list.
  • Set up your goals and AI links to your daily tasks
  • Realtime progress tracking by AI
  • Know where spent your energy
  • Built-in daily reflection to improve and optimize
  • Rituals: help build and track rituals to form good habits
  • Sense of in-control and progress
  • Revisit your Life’s accomplishments and milestones anytime

True productivity = Perform + Envision + Improve

Myca, the AI-driven platform that helps you envision your future, maximize your daily productivity, and unveils insights to help you achieve your goals and unlock your potential.


Maximize productivity using a focus list and live performance tracking throughout the day.


“Pop up” from your daily life to envision your future and set your personal growth goals. Myca AI will track your progress towards the goal


Reflect on your past achievements, habits, task completion to gain insights and benchmark your growth

Perform: Reach your daily productivity zenith

  • Plan mode: Brain dump things you want to do in all areas
  • Focus mode: Execution without distractions. “Always remember, your focus determines your reality”.
  • Myca AI will help you organize your daily tasks
  • Myca AI will recommend tasks you should focus on.
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Envision: Charting your goals, ensuring your journey

myca AI increases the likelihood of achieving your goals by 2x

  • Set your weekly, monthly, and annual goals
  • Myca AI will automatically link the goals to your daily tasks
  • Myca AI Automatically track your progress
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Improve: Reflect on your past to optimize for the future

  • Productivity insights: Know how you spend your time
  • Ritual tracking: Create your daily rituals to nurture good habits and track your completion
  • Highlight: Your accomplishments and life moments in a glimpse
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