Feeling swamped and stretched thin?

Myca was created to empower individuals to transform their productivity and gain a sense of control in life.

We aim to amplify users with a ‘superpower’ to achieve their goals and take on the world, all while minimizing the chaos and overwhelming feelings that often accompany such endeavors.

Our philosophy: The myca way

Myca’s philosophy centers around a belief that it is feasible to develop a system that simultaneously addresses five fundamental aspects of human experience.

  • It aims to fulfill the innate human need to find purpose and meaning
  • It emphasizes the ongoing journey of personal growth and enhancing one’s abilities.
  • It emphasizes peak productivity and efficiency for greater success.
  • It highlights the need for mental peace for well-being and happiness
  • Ultimately, Myca’s mission is to maximize life enjoyment and appreciation for its rich experiences.

Want to learn more?

AI for personal growth

Current AI products ignore the most exciting thing about artificial intelligence — its potential to transform us into better versions of ourselves. Imagine an AI that knows how you work and what motivates you. A platform that learns your goals and priorities, then leverages what it knows about you to guide you towards them.

Myca is powered by AI that knows you, aligns with your goals, and propels your daily growth journey.

How it started

We started building myca during one of the wildest times of my life.

In 2018, during a challenging time juggling a startup, professor duties, and a newborn, I searched for a tool to manage my hectic life. Nothing worked. My husband, a computer scientist, created the first myca prototype.

Myca changed my life. We successfully raised 70 million. But more crucially, it helped me manage every aspect of my life: work, family, health, finance with focus and calmness. It’s as if I’ve gained a superpower to navigate the life complexities.

Now, we’re thrilled to introduce myca to the world, hoping it will bring similar benefits to others.