Unleashing the Power of Intentionality: Conquering Overwhelm and Achieving Purposeful Execution

by Lingjia | Dec 6, 2023

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the never-ending demands on our time and attention. However, there is an alternative path to productivity and effectiveness: living through a vector of intentionality. By consciously visualizing and determining how we use our time, we can eliminate reactivity, anxiety, and malaise from our lives. In this article, we’ll explore a powerful practice of visualization and tracking that can transform your approach to productivity.

Living through a Vector of Reactivity: Feeling overwhelmed is often a result of living through a vector of reactivity. This means allowing external factors, such as other people’s demands or unexpected events, to dictate how we spend our time and determine the outcomes of our actions. This lack of control can lead to a sense of helplessness and contribute to feelings of overwhelm.

The Power of Living through a Vector of Intentionality: Living through a vector of intentionality is the antidote to reactivity. It involves consciously visualizing and deciding how we want to use our time and resources, and then taking deliberate actions to align with those intentions. By embracing intentionality, we regain control over our lives and create a sense of purpose and direction.

The Practice of Visualization: At the core of living through a vector of intentionality is the practice of visualization. This practice involves mentally mapping out your desired outcomes and activities, visualizing yourself accomplishing them, and setting a clear plan to make it happen. Visualization allows you to clarify your goals, establish priorities, and create a roadmap for success.

The Daily Vector Journal Hack

One super powerful hack for implementing the practice of visualization is by using what I call the Vector Journal. I use Myca’s daily journal feature, specifically in conjunction with the wall feature as its easy to see all my entries through a long span of days. Myca is a productivity tool that enables you to grow through reflections on all things productivity. However, you can also adopt this practice with a pen and paper journal if you prefer.

Here’s how the Vector Journal Hack works:

  1. Start by writing in your daily journal twice a day: once as soon as you wake up and once before bed.
  2. In the morning entry, use bullet points to outline your vector of intentionality plan for the day. Its important to do this from your gut and internal intuition without looking at your task list!! The minute you think about your task list, you are entering the realm of reactivity!
  3. Throughout the day, refer to your journal from time to time to actually remind yourself and be thoughtful about how what you’re doing relates to the items in your vector of intentionality.
  4. In the evening entry, track how well you followed your intended intentionality plan. Reflect on your accomplishments, identify any deviations, and note any adjustments needed for the next day.

Its the thoughtfulness that emerges from this practice that changes everything.

Transforming Reactive Overwhelm into Purposeful Intention

By consistently employing the practice of visualization using the daily vector journal, you’ll witness a remarkable shift in your life. Instead of feeling reactive, overwhelmed, and lacking control, you’ll experience purposeful and intentional execution. This newfound clarity and direction will bring joy and fulfillment to your daily activities.

Try It Out

You don’t have to use Myca to implement this hack.  You can use any journal or even a pen and paper. The key is to commit to the practice of visualization and tracking your progress. Start by setting aside dedicated time for reflection and planning each day. Embrace the power of intentionality and watch as your productivity soars and your sense of overwhelm diminishes.


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  1. Lingjia, Jason, this is a very powerful hack for intentionality. Successful leaders all around the world practice this type of discipline to ensure that they are working on the most important things in their lives at that moment. Our conscious awareness of the visualization of the end results as stated lets us know what it will feel like when we have completed what we set out to accomplish.

    I use MYCA to help me keep a good practice of intentionality.

    Thanks for the ongoing advice.

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