Kick-Off Your Day with Myca: A Quick Guide

by Lingjia | Dec 19, 2023

This quick guide is designed to get you up and running with Myca in < 10 minutes. We’ll walk you through the simple setup process and then show you how to use Myca to crush your day!

The first 5-15 minutes:

The Quick Way: Begin on the ‘Focus‘ page of Myca. Here, jot down a short list of  3-5 tasks you aim to prioritize today. This helps you hone in on immediate goals. As your day unfolds, simply tick off these tasks.

The Comprehensive Way: On the ‘Plan‘ page of myca, allocate 10-15 minutes to reflect on the various aspects of your life where you invest time and energy. Do this using the Myca web-app. Typical categories might include Personal Life, Work, Health, Finance, and Family. This is your chance to unload everything that’s on your mind, whether it’s stored in your brain or on a Post-it note :). Consider this a brain dump, allowing you to lower your “cognitive load”, create structure in your life, and facilitate future planning.

Day 1-3: Establishing the Myca Habit

To seamlessly incorporate Myca into your daily routine, embrace a structured approach every day:

Reflection → Planning → Execution.

This methodical process kickstarts your day with actions.

1. Reflection – Start by using Myca’s ‘Certifying Day’ feature to revisit the previous day. This quick, < 1 minute routine, automatically prompts you to:

  • Tick off completed tasks
  • Select the day’s key highlights/achievements.
  • Write a brief reflective note.

This process offers closure to your day and sets a foundation for the next.

2. Planning – Dedicate 5-10 minutes each morning to plan your day.  The goal is to identify tasks truly matter to you. Feel free to customize your approach to prioritize tasks and determine the focus list. Here is an example flow:

  • Revisit unfinished tasks from your previous day’s focus list. Do they still matter?
  • Navigate to the ‘Plan’ to see if there are any task that you should focus on today.
  • Go through your calendar to identify your meeting commitments and time constraints.
  • Narrow your focus list to 3-5 items or do a quick time estimate to make sure that you are not over-committed.

Setting realistic goals and a focused list for the day ensures you allocate your efforts effectively, concentrating on what’s truly significant.

3. Execution – Let Myca be your daily companion:

  • Have myca open as the day goes and check off things as you go. The live tracking will remind you of
  • The mobile app is an ideal companion for on-the-go, allowing you to swiftly add and complete tasks, as well as make notes.

By following these steps, you’ll find that Myca becomes an indispensable part of your daily life, enhancing your efficiency and focus.

Here is a 90s video of myca daily flow: Reflection → Planning → Execution. 

Day 3-7: Establishing and monitoring “Rituals

You’ve got your plans and focus in place – now it’s time to spice things up with some rituals! Adding rituals is all about forming and keeping track of positive habits that can transform your daily life. Think of rituals as a framework, giving you the power to seamlessly weave good habits into your routine. All you have to do is pick tasks from your plan and set them as rituals in Myca. The app will then keep an eye on your progress for you, making sure you’re sticking to these beneficial new habits.

What is beyond 7 days ?  

  1. Check out a workflow video 
  2. Setting goals and tracking them 
  3. How to improve yourself? – reflecting on your past 
  4. Integration – links, notes, emails 

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